Philosophy and Mission

It is my goal to fill the void in professional healthcare education that makes the assumption that once a healtcare provider is skilled in their craft they will treat patients with acceptable bedside manner.

I have seen too many instances where otherwise very capable doctors treated patients in a most inhumane, inconsiderate manner.

There is no reason to assume all healtcare providers have the people skills to be out there caring for sick, frightened, desperate patients.

The story that most clearly depicts the concern I have was conveyed to me by a patient diagnosed with stage four oral cancer. The doctor proceeded to tell this patient how he offered the best chance for surviving the ordeal, and that if he didn't choose him for the treatment, he would have an agonizing death.

Well that was the most outrageous manner in which to sell his skills and his cancer center. While this fellow may have been the best surgeon in the world, he should be in another field where they don't let him deal with people, because he may have had the worst bedside manner ever. 

Acceptable bedside manner is not enough. Each and every doctor must strive to deal with the wants, needs, fears and anxieties of each and every patient. 

It is my mission to offer ideas and skills to every doctor who has a desire to improve their bedside manner. I am available for lectures ranging from one hour to a full day filled with material to build the healthcare practice.





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